Fortune Telling and Clairvoyance in
Anguilla | St. Martin | Cayman Island | Turks Caicos

Clairvoyance is a natural ability of all real magicians, for card readings and using other oracles helps to predict the future. Remember everyone has his or her own will to do what they please. God knows us completely, and that’s why this free will is predictable. Voodoo spell caster as a  clairvoyant can look into the future and tell you what will happen if we continue in the course of life we have now and furthermore what to do in order to avoid certain events, if possible.


A magician can look into the past and into the future. Since the future has not happened yet, it can be changed by the power of personal will.

A person who is aware of something in the future, what is not desirable, may change their attitudes, thinking, behavior and deeds, and thus change the future. Not everyone is willing to change, and hence the future remains unchanged. A fortune teller can reveal what will happen if you continue along the same path, if you have acted deliberately in order to change and / or what will happen when white magic is used.

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