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Voodoo | Illuminate Spell Caster
Voodoo | Illuminate Spell Caster
Voodoo | Illuminate Spell Caster
Voodoo | Illuminate Spell Caster

There are many kinds of curses from the everyday anger we project on someone or something else to the professionally constructed and projected curse from someone practicing black magic.

Sometimes we do not even recognize we are cursing or that our own cursing is what most leaves us open to being cursed.

What Is A Illuminati Curse?

A curse is nothing but information empowered by will.

Everything we experience through our senses is information.

Secrecy is Power. Whatever decision you take in the world, you can not afford to be picked on by those who want to take advantage of you in this world.

The wise know that secrecy is the ultimate protection  against the bad efforts of the enemy. This magick gives you the right

to power and to do whatever you want so with our demonic seals you will  cherries.

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