Voodoo Revenge Dolls

Even so, it is not recommended to cast them by yourself. The reason is that these Voodoo spells has huge karmic backlash on the user. Revenge spells are intended to hurt someone in one way or another, thus attracts and draws powers from evil spirits from the out-world. Unless caster focuses on one deity and really knows what he’s doing, it will have dramatic consequences.

Best Voodoo revenge spells are usually performed on Voodoo dolls. That’s because Voodoo doll acts as perfect gateway for energy manipulation in-between real and invisible world. As such, any Voodoo doll spell is highly effective even for beginner spell casters. So don’t take them lightly.

For this Voodoo revenge spell you’ll need:

Voodoo doll resembling targeted person

Black cloth

Black thread

A needle

Voodoo Dolls

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