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White magic healing ritual is one of the typical doll magic rituals, I want to introduce to you. Remove back luck. Protection magic spell 
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Before going in to healing spells, you know that, in no case, should this type of magic replace a doctor. Healing spells are good for a magically sensitive person’s and spirit, but for the body, the doctor is in charge. The doctor might as well be a magician as many good doctors are. Those doctors will also take care of the soul and the spirit of their patients. The healing spell of white magic has one particular goal: to bring people back into harmony with the world. The Magician understands illness as disharmony, as an unequal weight that is carrying a person. The reason for this can be both, a physical disability as well as the disregard for the forces that carry us. However, a magical attack or black magic spell can also be the cause of this disharmony and thus cause a disease.

This ritual is one of the typical doll magic rituals, I want to introduce to you. For this spell, you need to sew a doll. This doll is made of fabric and represents the sick person. The preferred color of fabric is white. 

This spell should be carried out during a waning moon, and with utmost concentration. 

Start calling  blow the air from your mouth into the nose and mouth areas of the doll. Then to bind the doll to the sick call it by the persons name three times and baptize it. For best results incorporate fingernails or hair into the doll and make it in the image of the person whom you are trying to heal.

As soon as the doll is ‘animated’ visualize how you are solving the situation at that moment by making the disease separate from the patient and transferring it into the doll itself. Then drive a nail into the point of the doll where the disease originated from, in order to keep the disease in the doll.

Once the spell is working, one should bury the doll or place it into flowing water

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Voodoo Spell Caster Kadu
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