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Curse & hex removal spells

Spiritual cleansing spells to reverse curses, break a hex, undo a jinx, protect you from evil spells and remove bad energy. 

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What is a curse

A curse is a spell that is created to cause harm or misfortune to a target person, being or object.

Curses are also known as a hex or a jinx and the effect of curses is caused by the intent and spiritual power from the gods.


How to remove a curse

You can remove a curse by removing the negative energy associated with the curse and binding it to another object.

To remove a curse, hex or jinx a diviner needs to perform a series of spiritual cleansing and binding rituals.


Types of curses

Curses can be categorized by source of energy, cause, target group or location resulting in hundreds of curse types.

Categorizing curses by energy will give us curses such as voodoo curses, wicca curses, black magic & psychic curses.


How to protect yourself from curses

To protect yourself from a curse you need to first remove the curses and then you can create a shield against the curse. Objects such as amulets, talismans, rings, charms and pouches can be used to store the protective energy against a specific curse.


How to know if you have been cursed

Signs you have been cursed include unexplained illnesses, a string of bad luck, nightmares, strange animal appearances, your intuition, persistent problems in your life, restlessness, spiritual disharmony, foreign objects and strange accidents.


Rituals to remove curses

Here are some of the ritual tools that can be used to remove curses: spells casting, prayers, baths, salt wash, candle light, burning incense, voodoo doll, spiritual healing, moon rituals, magic mirror,  grounding meditation, divination, and ancestral sacrifice.

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