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Revenge spells voodoo

Voodoo revenge spells to cause harm, bad luck, disaster, sickness, pain, suffering, and misfortune to your enemies.

Dr Kadu is available on +27788368653  to help you punish someone who is evil, hateful, or has hurt someone you love.


Health revenge spells

Use my voodoo to cause someone to experience severe health problems that have no cure.

Reverse a health curse one someone who is trying to harm you and make them fall sick using my voodoo.


Money revenge spells

Punish bad people using money revenge spells to make them experience financial disaster.

Make someone lose money, make bad financial decisions or get big debts using voodoo revenge spells.


Love revenge spells

Break-up a couple or make someone get divorced by casting these powerful voodoo revenge spells.

Use my love revenge spells to banish an ex lover, & make them unlovable using love revenge spells.


Business revenge spells

Bring down business rivals with revenge spells that will make them lose customers and revenue.

Protect your business from revenge spells and reverse them so that their business is attacked by bad spirits.


Job revenge spells

Voodoo to make someone lose their job and their career to be a disaster using job revenge spells.

Banish job promotions, career success, and a salary increase from your enemies using job revenge spells.


Family revenge spells

Is there a family that wants to cause you harm. Curse them with a generational curse using family revenge spells.

Cause death or mental problems in a rival family using voodoo by traditional healer Dr Kadu.


Inheritance revenge spells

Make someone lose out on an inheritance and let all the funds and properties come to you using voodoo.

Are people conniving to exclude you from your inheritance. Protect your inheritance and banish them with voodoo inheritance revenge spells.


Thief revenge spells

Punish people who have stolen from you using revenge spells that will cause them pain and suffering.

The only way to reverse a thief revenge spells is for your assets to be returned in full with a sincere apology from the perpetrators.


Sport revenge spells

Do you want to make a certain athlete or sports team to have a losing streak? The get my sports revenge spells.

Make your team succeed and your rivals to lose using voodoo revenge spells by traditional healer & revenge spells caster Dr Kadu.


What is a revenge spell

A revenge spells is any form of magick that is cast to harm someone. A revenge spell don't work on innocent people. There has to be a valid reason for vengeance for a revenge spell to work.


How do revenge spells work

Revenge spells work by attacking someone with negative energy and bad luck to cause some form of misfortune in an area of their life. Personalized revenge spells can also be cast.


Do revenge spells work

Yes, revenge spells by Dr Kadu work, in fact revenge spells are very dangerous as the effects can cause serious harm to the target of a revenge spell. Be 100% sure before using a revenge spell.


Death revenge spell

The death revenge spell can only be used if someone has killed someone. You can only use this on the person who directly caused death.


Egyptian revenge spell

Exact vengeance with egyptian revenge spells that will summon the Egyptian deities to punish someone who hurt you or a loved one.


Voodoo revenge doll

Take control of your enemy and get revenge using a voodoo doll. Retaliate against your enemies and punish them using a voodoo revenge doll.

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