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What are Voodoo Spirits the Lwa

Lwa are voodoo spirits that serve as intermediaries between humans and Bondye the voodoo creator god.

Each lwa has its own personality, colors and objects. The lwa communicate with humans through dreams and divination.

What are voodoo spirits

Lwa groups

There are thousands of lwa which are divided into different nations (nachon).

The most notable lwa nations are the Petwo and the Rada. Lwa provide advice, admonishment and healing.

What are voodoo spirits Lwa

Communicating with Lwa

Lwa are summoned using sacrifices, veve rituals and offerings.

The lwa communicate back to voodoo practitioners using visions, divination and dreams.

What are voodoo spirits Lwa

Lwa etymology

Lwa or loa can be traced to oluwa (god), babalawo (diviner or priest).

Lwa is phonetically identical to the term for law in both French  (loi) and Haitian Creole (lwa)

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