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Ayida-Weddo pregnancy spells

The Ayida-Weddo pregnancy spell will summon the fertility loa Ayida-Weddo to spiritually unlock your fertility.

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Ayida-Weddo Voodou Fertility Spells

Who is Ayida-Weddo the voodoo fertility spirit

Ayida-Weddo is a powerful loa spirit in Vodou who is also known as the Rainbow Serpent.

Ayida-Weddo is the loa of fertility, rainbows, wind, water, fire, wealth, thunder and snakes.

Ayida-Weddo Pregnancy Spells

How do Ayida-Weddo pregnancy spells work

Ayida-Weddo is a member of the Rada family of voodoo loa associated with protection, love and kindness.

The Ayida-Weddo pregnancy spells restore the fluidity and connection between the body and spirit.

Summoning the voodoo fertility Loa Ayida-Weddo

Summoning the voodoo fertility loa Ayida-Weddo

Rituals to summon Ayida-Weddo make use of white cloth, a jeweled headdress, a white chicken & white eggs.

You also need rice, milk, cotton and all the white offerings should be decorated in rainbow colors.

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