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Deng fertility spells

Get pregnancy with twins by summoning Deng the fertility god who will bless your family with 2  babies at once.

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Deng fertility spells

Who is Deng the fertility god

Deng is the god for fertility, sky and rain the Dinka mythology.

Deng is the son of the goddess Abuk. Rge word deng means rain in Thuɔŋjäŋ.

Deng fertility spells

How does Deng work

Deng is the intermediary between humans the the supreme being.

Deng manifested himself in the fertilization process of humans.

Deng fertility spells

Deng fertility rituals

Deng stands for the firmament, the stars, the rain and the world.

Deng was married to Aciek and they had sons Atem and Awol.

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