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Oshun fertility spells

Spiritually cleanse the womb and manhood using oshun fertility spells that will help you get pregnant fast.

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Oshun fertility spells

Who is Oshun the fertility goddess

Oshun is a Yoruba goddess of fertility, femininity, divination, love and beauty.

Oshun is the most venerated and respected of all the voodoo orishas

Oshun fertility spells

How does Oshun work

Oshun is the only female irunmole sent to assist shango to create the world .

Oshun is the divine patroness of the Osun river.

Oshun fertility spells

Oshun fertility rituals

Oshun rituals are performed at the river with red and white cloth.

Sacrificial animals consecrated to Oshun the fertility goddess are chickens.

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