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Oya fertility spells

Summon the orisha spirit Oya & become pregnant using Dr Kadu's Oya fertility spells and rituals.

Get in touch with Dr Kadu on +27788368653 to order the Oya fertility spell on your way to conceiving a child.

Oya fertility spells

Who is Oya the river fertility deity  & orisha spirit

Oya is the orisha for fertility, wind, lightning and violent storms.

Oya is depicted as a buffalo and has shape-shifting powers.

Oya fertility spells

How Oya fertility spells will help you conceive

The river deity Oya blesses devotees with children.

Whether a male or female Oya has the power to heal infertility.

Oya fertility spells

Oya fertility spells, rituals, and ceremonies

Oya colors are red, purple and burgundy.

Rituals for Oya should not have pumpkin, stingray or mutton

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